A roadside honor stand*, situated next to the old barn at Historic Faraway in Longbranch, Washington, on the Key Peninsula. 

All Website content & photos by Brook Hurst Stephens

Faraway Farmstand will open August 16, 2018, the 2 year anniversary of me and my husband, Kim Stephens, purchasing this at-one-time famous property.

The vision for a fabulous summer retreat called Far-A-Way became a reality in 1915 when Frank & Josephine McDermott, founders of the Bon Marché department stores, hired the best architects, builders and craftsmen to create a paradise on this idyllic property situated on the shores of Filucy Bay. Almost everyone who came to work or play at Far-A-Way arrived by boat, with the exception of Bill Boeing, who flew in by sea plane. Not bad for 1915! 

Over the decades Far-A-Way fell into a sad and dangerous state of disrepair. Roofs were caving in; the property was overgrown with blackberries; dead trees and shrubs created so much shade the buildings were rotting; foundations were crumbling and hundreds of feat of seawall had fallen into the bay. 

From the day we purchased the property in August 2016 we began working practically nonstop to restore the home, gardens, seawall and outbuildings, and in some ways to make the property better than ever. Their addition of horse paddocks and stalls is an example of something that was added that was not part of the McDermott's original vision.

After soil testing it became clear that this property was perfect for farming, even though the soil was mostly clay and hadn't been amended in decades (if at all.)
My love for and for propagating, and growing from seeds, corms and tubers too soon created an abundance of plants and flowers that was begging to be shared....and Faraway Farmstand was born. The fact that I have been in infatuated with honor stands for as long as she could remember meant opening Faraway Farmstand would be a dream-come-true!

Our beautiful one-of-a-kind farmstand was designed and built by Eric Moreland, using wood & windows from the barn restoration making it literally a part of Faraway from Day One. Eric's desire to repurpose building materials is right in line with our philosophy - we couldn't be more thrilled with the result.

Thanks for taking the time to read a bit of the backstory.


*An honor stand is a physical structure located on a farm or along a nearby road where farmers sell produce, meat, eggs, dairy, or other products from their farm. The stands can be as simple as a small open-sided display, or as elaborate as a small grocery store. The honor stands, sometimes called Honesty Stands, operate on the honor system. It is up to the customer to put the money owed into the designated payment box. 

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6505 Cliff Avenue SW
at Historic Faraway
Longbranch, WA 98351




Th-Sun 9am-7pm
And For Special Events